Title PID Ascending
1 file 국제 인권 동계 강좌 : Understanding the international human rights norms IE921203 View
2 file 국제 인권 동계 강좌 : Socio-economic rights and asia: ESC rights in AHRD and methods for monitoring socio-economic rights IE921206 View
3 file 국제 인권 동계 강좌 : The ASEAN human rights mechanisms and the prospect of the development of human rights mechanisms in asia IE921209 View
4 file 국제 인권 동계 강좌 : The promotion and protection of human rights and authoritarian regimes IE921212 View
5 file 국제 인권 동계 강좌 : Cold war, anti-communism, and human rights in asia IE921215 View
6 file 국제 인권 동계 강좌 : The role of civil society in the protection and promotion of human rights in asia IE921218 View
7 file 국제 인권 동계 강좌 : Democratization, Transitional Justice and Human Rights - The Experience of South Korea IE921221 View
8 file 국제 인권 동계 강좌 : Dealing with the past in asia - Case study of Cambodia IE921224 View
9 file 국제 인권 동계 강좌 : Human rights-based approach to development and asia with focus on food security and maternal health IE921227 View
10 file 국제 인권 동계 강좌 : Group presentation and general discusstion - Human rights issues in asia at the UN human rights mechanisms IE921230 View